Benefits Of An Organized Home Office

Anyone who has a Home Office knows that it seems almost impossible to keep your home office decluttered and organized.  In fact, for many of us our home office is somewhere we spend a lot of time.  By having to sit and look at the clutter on a daily basis is almost certain to raise your stress level.  It will most likely make you less productive as well.

This is why here at WOW Organizing Services we have decided to share with you some of the benefits you receive with home office organization.  We know, with your busy schedule it seems like it will be impossible to organize your office space. 

Well, by understanding the True Benefits To  An Organized Home Office you will be one step closer to a much less decluttered workspace.  

Of course, if you just feel too overwhelmed and really do not know where to start, you can just give us WOW professional office organizers a call (540) 420-8225.  Or, Click HERE and set up a FREE Phone Consultation.  Owner and Founder Ann Custer will be more than happy to answer any questions that may have.     

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7 Benefits Of A Decluttered Home Office

1. DeCluttered Office Space Reduces Stress

Being able to find important documents and supplies that you with ease plays a big factor in your home office.  Without having easy access to items that help you perform your job successfully you are almost guaranteed more stress.  

Now, a small home office organization does not mean everything has to be perfect. The key to success for office space organization is simply having everything placed where it is easy to find. 

By being able to find the things you need easily you will reduce the amount of stress drastically.  That as well as you are much less likely to snap at the husband or wife because you are frustrated.

Most importantly, by organizing small office space you will be helping your health.  Clutter is known to lead to severe anxiety.  Studies show when a person is surrounded by too many visual things it increases one’s anxiety level. 

It simply makes us feel like there is too much to do.  But when you declutter and organize your office desk if makes all-important paperwork easy to find.  This resulting in a much lower stress level.

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2. Organized Desk Space Equals Increased Productivity

When you have a well-organized desk it really makes concentrating on the current task much easier.  Having clutter and several paper piles laying on your desk does nothing but leave you with a feeling of being overwhelmed.  

By using continual home office desk organization practices you will find yourself able to concentrate much easier.  This will ultimately lead to you being more productive will lead to you having more time doing the things you love. Which leads us to our next benefit of small office organization.

3.  Home Office Organizing Leaves You With More Spare Time

Sit back and think about just how much time you actually spend looking for items in your cluttered home office space.  I am not just talking about physical items either.  Think about how much time you spend looking through files as well as emails trying to find what you need.  

A study that was done by the Wall Street Journal actually revealed something very interesting.  Their study found that the average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year searching for missing information in messy desks as well as files.  

WOW! Imagine what you could do with all that extra time you wasted trying to find items.  All because you didn’t have an organized desk or home office file organization process in place. This is time you could have spent with your family or out on the town with friends.


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4.  Organized Home Office Could Mean More Money

Having a cluttered home office can oftentimes lead to you losing money actually.  Without using home office desk organization practices many things can get lost in the clutter.  We have personally organized home offices for clients and found money, checks, certificates, among many other valuables hidden underneath the clutter.  

That’s not all though.  There have been some instances we have even found bills that have not been paid yet hiding under a pile of papers.  By organizing the office desk you can avoid misplacing important bills as well as better keep track of your money.

5.  Decluttering & Organization Frees Your Mind

By having a well decluttered and organized home office your mind will truly be set free.  You will not have to sit in your office every day thinking about how much you have to get done and how little time you have to do it.  

You can truly set your mind free and concentrate on the work that is most important.  This will lead to you getting more work accomplished.  Not only will you get more work completed you will not be thinking bout the clutter in your home office in your free time anymore.  

6.  Decreases The Chances Of Injury Due To Clutter

Did you know over 800,000 people are hospitalized each year due to an injury sustained from a fall?  By having clutter lying around on the floors of your home office, you are only increasing your chances of a fall.  

By using office storage and organization practices such as computer desk organization or office storage solutions for small spaces.  You will decrease your chances of becoming one of those 800,000 patients treated every year.

7.  Organized Office Means An Impressed Client

If you have a home office there is a good chance you either own a company.  Or, you hold a pretty important as well as a high position at where you work.  Both of these job titles may require you to meet with your current as well as potential clients at some point in your home office.  

For example, you may be having a cookout at your home for a potential buyer you are trying to close the deal with. The last thing you want is for your potential new customer to see your home office disorganized as well as full of clutter.  This could very well have them asking themselves the question “if you cannot handle organizing your own office how can you handle helping their business”.

Not maintaining a well decluttered and organized office not only can cost you daily stress. It could also cost you a lot of money if the wrong person sees it.  This reason alone should be enough to help you keep a better and well-organized office year-round. 

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