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Find A Professional Moving Coordinator For Your Next Move

If you are in need of a Personal Moving Coordinator whether it be for In-House or Virtual Moving Services in the Roanoke, Blacksburg, Lynchburg, and Salem area…this is your lucky day! 

WOW Organizing offers Residential Moving Coordinator Services that will take out all the Overwhelming Tasks that come along with moving.  Just simply give us a Call Today at 540-420-8225 and book your FREE Consultation!

Now that you know who to contact about handling all your current and future moving and organizing needs, let’s now talk about the Benefits of Hiring Professional Residential Moving Organizer Services to help you with your next move.

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Moving Coordinator Services at WOW Organizing

  • Declutter items no longer used.
  • Create a memory box for clients they want to keep but not necessarily display.
  • Schedule estimates from at least three moving companies
  • During the estimate process, all items are tagged that will be Moved. Most of the time donations have already been picked up. The client is either working from home or making phone calls about other details they need to take care of…
  • Provide a floor plan of where the client is moving to
    then we measure The furniture clients are taking so Movers place the furniture According to the floor plan that clients have approved
  • One team member is at the home that’s being packed up and The other team member is at sea home making sure the moment put the furniture in place. ( only if the move is within an hour Drivetime)
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Learn how WOW Moving Organizers Can Help With Your Next Move in the following video:

WOW Organizing & Unpacking Services That Typical Moving Companies Do Not Offer 

It is important to realize, here at WOW Professional Organizer Services, we will take the weight off your shoulders.  Furthermore, we unpack your boxes, organize your belongings as well as arrange your furniture.

In fact, within a matter of days, WOW Moving Organizer Services will have your new place feeling like home.

Our Services Include:

  • Unpacking boxes and unwrapping items
  • Putting away items in an organized manner
  • Making Beds
  • Setting up organized systems in your home
  • Wiping down and labeling shelves
  • Recommending organizing products (if needed)
  • Breaking down boxes
  • Arranging furniture 
  • Organizing closets
  • Setting up pantries
  • Entryways and mudrooms
organized home
Woman writing in a notepad near cardboard boxes

The Importance of Organizing Before a Move

To explain, moving your overstuffed junk drawers and cluttered closets from your old space to your new space doesn’t make sense. In fact, moving to a new place is supposed to be an exciting and wonderful time in your life.

Above all, whether you are moving your business or just moving your family to a new home, you have an opportunity to kick things off with a solid and structured foundation. As a result, set yourself up for success by getting yourself organized BEFORE you move. 

Moving on your own?

It is important to realize, there’s no reason to give yourself extra work. In other words, Organize and Declutter your home to save yourself some time as well as stress!

women preparing for moving organizers

Hiring a moving company? There is no reason for you to pay extra to have the company move heavy boxes filled with junk that was only collecting dust in your old home. 

Decluttering and organizing your home or place of business before you move will make moving day significantly less stressful. It will also save you a ton of money.

Remember to give yourself time before the big moving day. 

You can’t wait until a day or two before the move to try to get organized and get packed. As professional moving organizers, we recommend taking at least two weeks to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

If you start getting organized at least two weeks before the move, you can schedule a few hours a day for you to work on getting prepared for the move. Working in small chunks every day for a few weeks is going to be a lot less stressful for you.

getting organized before moving

Reasons To Hire WOW Moving Organizer Services 


Hiring a professional moving organizer makes sense when you are in a home you plan to live in for a long time. WOW Professional Organizing services can help you create a functional and effective living space.

The question is – why would you hire a professional moving organizer right before you move? Can you really benefit from making such a decision? We are about to give you the answer to those questions.

With the help of a moving organizer service, you’re allowing yourself to become not only clutter-free but love the space that you live in. You’ve always wondered how to organize your home and your belongings, but now you have a chance to be shown how to do so.


Through the use of a professional moving organizer that is helping you organize before the big move, you’re allowing yourself the chance to rid yourself of all those items you no longer need.

Easily sort, pack, arrange, and organize with the help of the professional organizer and enjoy moving your items from one home to the next, with less stress.

overwhelmed guy with unorganized move


When you declutter prior to a move, you move fewer items to the new home. Use fewer boxes to transfer your items from one home to the next, and rent a smaller truck to get them there.

Through their services, you can keep the tips and tricks learned for when you move in. Have complete home organization while using these to your advantage.

Our professional moving organizer will help you go through all of your items, in each room and help you figure out what to do with them. Whether you want to trash, donate, or pack away; they can divide the items so it is much easier to go through.

In addition, our professional moving organizer can come to your new home and help you find the best organizing solution for all of the items that you need to find places for.

organized home


Have more than a house with the help of a professional organization service, have a home that you enjoy being in. Have a spot to put all of your items and easily move with fewer boxes, less clutter than you ever imagined without the natural stress that comes from moving.

mobile moving organizer

Make the Most of Your Time: Moving with Short Notice

Moving is an intense and exhausting process. In a perfect world, you need a month to carefully plan, prepare, and organize for a move. In fact, this will give you time to clean, plan, declutter, organize, and pack.

By all means, moving is something most people dread. As a result, it is something we put off. As a result, before we know it, we have less than a week to pack up our entire life or place of business to haul it somewhere new.

After all, the unfortunate truth is things happen. For example, maybe you found yourself in a situation where you did not know you were going to move. More importantly, you are suddenly in a situation where you only have a few days’ notices to move. Fortunately, this is something a professional organizer such as WOW Organizing can help you with.

women stressed of move and in need of professional organizer

WOW Professional Moving Organizer Tips for Quick Moves

1. Take a deep breath and then plan.

Usually, moving in a hurry only happens for a few reasons. To summarize, either you did not get a lot of notice. Or, you procrastinated, and the moving day is fast approaching.

To clarify, regardless of how or why it happened, moving in a hurry is stressful and overwhelming. However, just stop and take a few deep breaths. It is important to realize you must remain calm. As a result, you will be able to take a moment to plan and get things rolling.

With this in mind for starters, you should decide if you are hiring professional moving services for your move. If so, you will need to quickly locate and reserve a moving company. as a matter of fact, see if you can get a few moving companies to give you a quote on how much they would charge to move you.

If you are not going to hire professional movers, you need to establish where you will get boxes and how you will haul things to your new space.

wow moving organizers help with packing

2. Create an essentials box or overnight bag.

As a matter of fact, creating an essentials box bag is one of the most important things you can do before a move. Furthermore, an essential box should contain your phone charger, toiletries, medication, a change of clothes for everyone, and your deodorant just to name a few things. In fact, this box should contain things you use daily.

To clarify, these are items you could not go without for much longer than 24 hours. In fact, Your essential box should stay close to you during the move.

In other words, If you have a moving truck, you will put the essentials box in your vehicle. Therefore, you have all of your essentials in one place while you work on unpacking and organizing.

de-clutter your mind

Benefits of Hiring WOW Moving Services When Selling Your Home


There are so many ways to market your home including real estate listing websites, Craigslist, and even social media! Pictures are everything when you are marketing your home to sell, and you want to set a good impression.

The last thing you want is for your realtor to take pictures of overstuffed, cluttered, and poorly organized rooms. No one is going to want to buy your home! Fortunately, a professional moving organizer can fix this problem!


Depending on how long you’ve lived in the home you are moving out of, you’ve probably lost your objectivity on it. You have a hard time seeing the potential of the home.

A professional organizer is a fresh pair of eyes who is going to view your home the way no one else has. This is someone who is going to be able to give your home a fresh and organized look. Perfect for selling it. 

organzied home


Chances are pretty good you are still waiting to hear how you really benefit from hiring a professional moving organizer. You have someone come in and make the home you are selling look shiny and new – great. You have an easier time selling the home because of how organized it is – great. But, what about you?

Organizing your belongings in a way that makes sense is going to make it easier for you to get everything packed up when it is finally time to move. This will make it easier to unpack and get your new home set up.

If you are moving to a home that is significantly different in size compared to what you had before, a professional moving organizer can even help you set up space in a way that makes sense.

A person putting a coin in a black piggy bank


The longer your home sits on the market because no one wants to buy it, the greater the chances are that you will have to bring down the price. In fact, every four weeks your home sits on the market, you are going to lose at least 1 percent of the asking price.

Furthermore, you may not have the money you need to finalize moving into your new home until this one sells! With a functional and organized home, it is more likely to sell because it is more appealing.

Selling your home and preparing to move into a new one is a chaotic experience. Hiring a professional organizer in Blacksburg is about investing in a less stressful experience.

You deserve to enjoy buying and selling your home at least a little. Give (540) 420-8225 for your free, no-obligation consultation or email [email protected] to set something up today. 

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Moving Organizer Company for Your Next Move

Regardless of why you are moving, you are bound to feel many different emotions. You will be excited as well as overwhelmed. If you are selling the space you currently own, you may already have a lot on your plate.

Moving can feel like you are getting pulled in a thousand different directions all at the same time. Having to move is also the moment when you realize just how much stuff you have. There is no reason for you to allow yourself to drown under the stress of moving.

Working with a Professional Moving Organizer such as WOW Organizing can help you with every single step of the moving process. I can help you take control of the move.

By working with our team, your packing and unpacking can be stress-free. Your move will be smoother. And, the best part? We will be building a foundation for a clean, structured, and organized home.

tablet virtual organizing

With our Professional Moving Organizer’s help, you will be able to enjoy your new space! 

Still not sold? Here are some of the key reasons you should hire a professional moving organizer to help with your move: 

We will work together to figure out what items you should take to your new home and what you should put in storage. Our moving organizers can also help you deal with recycling, donations, and trash. 

We can help you organize and itemize all of your boxes for the move. This will prevent there from being any confusion when you get to your new space and start unpacking. 

Need help unpacking, organizing, and settling into your new home? This is something we can help with as well! After all, few things can be more overwhelming than trying to figure out how to configure your possessions into a new space. 

Moving to a new home or office is a wonderful thing. Let us help you build a solid foundation that will allow you to enjoy your new space. Get started today with a free consultation.


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WOW Is Here To Help!

If you are searching for a professional moving organizer in Roanoke VA as well as anywhere else in the United States you are in luck. In fact, our Professional Moving Coordinator and Organizing services will help reduce the stress as well as keep you calm.  Not to mention, we will help you organize in a way that will help your move become more flawless, as well as clutter-free.

So, become clutter-free before the big move and transition to a new home with ease with the help of WOW organizing LLC. Give us a call or book your FREE Consultation Toda!

Click Here to sign up for your FREE No-Obligation Consultation.

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