Is There Clutter In Your Home Causing You Stress?

Let’s face it, the idea of an organized home sounds appealing to both homeowners as well as renters.

But we must be honest with ourselves.  Many homeowners in the United States indeed have cluttered homes.  In many cases, the clutter in their home is causing them everyday stress.

In fact, according to an online survey Eight-Four percent of currently stressed Americans said they worry their home is not organized enough.

Furthermore, among all the people that said they experienced some level of stress about home organization.  Nearly a third of them also said they were very or extremely stressed by their homes.

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Reduce Stress By De-Cluttering Your Home

It has been proven, by decluttering your home you will indeed reduce the stress in your life.

Unfortunately, the majority of people experiencing stress from clutter simply do not know where to start.

So to help you out a little, WOW Professional Organizing has decided to write this article to help you out.  Today, we will share with you 10 easy to follow steps that will help you organize as well as declutter your home starting Today!

So get you a note pad and pen and get ready to learn how you can start to simplify your life…Right Away!

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10 Tips To Help Declutter Your Home

1. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself, Star With 5-10 minutes a Day

The worst thing you can do is try to get your entire home organized and de-cluttered all in one day.

In fact, this will do nothing but overwhelm you even more.  This is result will most likely cause you to stop your De-cluttering project altogether.

Keep it simple, start with one small area of the house and spend a simple 5-10  minutes a day decluttering that area.  Before you know it that area will be complete.


2. Find A Way To Get Rid Of One Unwanted Item A Day

Every single one of us is guilty of keeping things and we truly do not need.  In fact, when you start de-cluttering your home.  I can almost guarantee you will find something that you cannot even remember buying.  Or even worst, an item that has never been used.

Hanging on to items like this does nothing more than cause more chaos in our lives. Not to mention leaving us feeling overwhelmed and stressed even more.

You can start simplifying your life by giving one unwanted or needed item away each and every day.  Just think, if you give one item a day away you will have gotten rid of 365 items in just one year.

Removing this amount of items would leave you with a lot more space as well as a couple of well de-cluttered rooms.

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3.Place All Clothes You Don’t Wear In A Trash Bag.  

Go through your closet as well as drawers in all the rooms in your house.  Collect all the clothes that no longer fit or you do not wear.

Once you have all of the clothes collected place them in a trash bag.  Don’t worry you will not be trashing them, you will be donating them to others in need.

4. Donate Clothes To Local Charity or Homeless Shelter

Find a local charity or homeless shelter to donate to.  Unfortunately, there are many people in the world that truly need clothes for warmth and comfort that cannot afford them.

By donating the clothes that no longer fit you or that you simply no longer wear.  You in reality killing two birds with one stone. 

In fact, you are helping someone in need as well as reducing the stress in your life at the same time.

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5. Create A Checklist Of Areas That Need To Be De-Cluttered

Go through your home and decide on each and every area that is cluttered and needs help.  Document each area or room that needs help as well as make notes about what needs to be done.

By creating this declutter your home list you will be creating a visual representation for yourself.  This will help you better see and understand which area of your home needs to be decluttered first.

6. Create A Declutter Your Home Challenge For Yourself

Create a challenge decluttering that will help motivate as well as push you to get rid of things.  For example, the WOW 10 challenge.

The WOW 10 challenge is where you find 10 items to throw away, 10 times to donate as well as 10 items to return to their proper place.

This will not only help declutter and organize your home.  It also helps maintain the organization of your home once your decluttering project is complete.

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7. Picture Your Home As If You Are A Visitor

This is actually a very important step to take.  By looking at your home as a new visitor it will allow you to notice things that normally you would not notice.  

Step out of your house and the walk back in.  Once you walk back in, view your home as if you have never been there before. Take notice as well as notes on areas of your home that need organizing as well as cleaning. 

This will help you narrow down to areas of your home that need decluttering and organized first. 

8. Use Before & After Photos As Encouragement

This step is a very good way to motivate yourself.  Find a small area in your home that has pretty intensive clutter.  De-clutter and clean that area right away. 

This will allow you to envision first-hand just how good your entire home would look organized as well as de-cluttered.

The key is to make sure it is a very small area.  If you start with an area that is too large you may overwhelm yourself.  This could very well result in you quitting your decluttering and organizing project.  

Unfortunately, this will lead to only more stress!

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9. Use The Box Method To Declutter Your Home

The box home decluttering method is very simple and only involves four boxes.

All you have to do is to gather four boxes and label each box.  You will label each back as follows: trash, give away, donate, and find a new location or relocate

Once you have your boxes labeled all you have to do is enter into a room with all four boxes. Star placing items in that room in the box that it belongs to.  It is extremely important that you do not skip any items in that room.

It is important to understand, this could take some time.  For example, days, weeks, or even months.  So do not get discouraged if you are not finished in 3 or 4 hours.



10.  Ask For Organizing & Decluttering Help

Do not be afraid to ask for help.  You can ask family and friends for help.  But unfortunately, if they do not have decluttering knowledge, there is a chance you with both starts feeling overwhelmed.

If you are not certain exactly what to do or need motivation.  I highly suggest contacting and possibly hiring a professional organizer in your area.

Professional organizing and decluttering companies not only have the knowledge and wisdom it takes.  They also have experienced just about every situation possible so there is no need to feel embarrassed.

If you are ready to speak with a professional organizer you can Click HERE and set up a FREE Phone Consultation with WOW Organizing Services.

Owner & Founder Ann Custer will be more than Happy to answer any questions you may have based on her 20 Plus Years of Decluttering and Organizing experience.

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