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All too often home organizing services are compared to maid services. However, it is important to understand a professional organizer is not a maid. In fact, Maids use cleaning supplies such as brooms and mops. Professional organizers do not.

Furthermore, I know what you are thinking. Why do you need home organizing services? Isn’t a maid service enough?

It is important to realize a professional decluttering service will not help solve issues involving dust and dirt. However, our home decluttering service can help you with is the chaos and clutter in your life.

living room decluttered and organized

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Areas WOW Home Organizers Can You Help With?

To explain, as the name of the service suggests, the home organization covers the entire house. Whether your entire home needs to be reorganized.  Or, maybe you are thinking to yourself I need the best garage organization services near me. WOW Organizing is here for you.

Some of the key areas of the home my clients often need help organizing include:


  • Home Office Decluttering
  • Closet Clutter
  • Kitchen/Pantry Organization
  • Living Space Decluttering 
  • Decluttering and Organizing Bedrooms Of All Sizes
  • Bathroom Organization
  • Paper Clutter and Organizing (Bills)
  • Garage Organization
  • Attic Decluttering
  • Storage Room Organizing
  • As well as, Art Room Decluttering and Organization
basement decluttered and organized

WOW Organizing Tip!

If you feel as though your entire home needs reorganized. May I recommend taking small steps.  As well as decluttering and organizing your home in sections.

After all, every professional decluttering services goal is for their clients to be successful. However, we can’t organize your entire home in one session.

WOW Organizing will create a custom approach that fits you.  Furthermore, your home, and your lifestyle.  All to achieve your organization’s goals. Schedule a free consultation below and we can create your custom organizing solution.

kitchen decluttered and organized
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Learn Some Of The Top Reasons People Struggle With Clutter in our Video Below:

Long Term Benefits of a Decluttered Home

In fact, there are long-term benefits to using professional home organizing and decluttering services. Above all, one of the biggest immediate benefits of having a decluttered home is knowing where everything is.

In fact, with the newfound space in your home, you will have a much easier time moving around in your home.

Additionally, a well-organized room also presents less risk of injury. Furthermore, the type of injuries that occur from falling or tripping over something on the floor.

Equally important, there are also many Health Benefits that come along with a well organized and decluttered room.

Reduces Dust and Germs

In fact, one of those benefits is that a well organized and decluttered house reduces the amount of dust and germs in the air.

As well as, it helps get rid of a hiding place for many rodents and other unwanted nesting vermins.

bedroom decluttered and organized

Home Organization Improves Your Health!

In fact, there are also many Health Benefits that come along with a well-organized and decluttered room.

As a matter of fact, one of those benefits is that a well-organized and decluttered room reduces the amount of dust and germs in the air.

As well as, it helps get rid of a hiding place for many rodents and other unwanted nesting vermins.

In fact, keeping all rooms in your home decluttered, clean, and sanitized will make for a better life for everyone in your home!

storage closet decluttered and oganized

Common House Clutter Problems

Do your children have a grandparent that buys them entirely too many toys? Or equally important, do you have a kitchen you can never find anything in?

Furthermore, do you have a home office with so much clutter it is hard to focus?

Above all, does your family have so much clothing you feel like you are drowning in the laundry? It is important to realize, these are problems professional organizing services can fix for you.

Sure, a maid service is fully capable of making your home look fantastic. But it is important to realize you want to hire someone that is well qualified to organize homes

In fact,  WOW Professional Organizing Service is going to make your home FEEL fantastic. After all, there is no reason why you do not deserve an organized and decluttered home. More importantly, a home that looks and feels great!

garage organized and decluttered

5 Tips To An Organized and Decluttered Garage

1. Set aside at least one full day for work

It is important to realize that you will need at least an entire day to complete your project.  In fact, depending on the size of the garage clutter it could take you more than one day.

2.Take some time to go through all your belongings

It is important to realize, you will need to go through every item in the garage.  Furthermore, take the items and place them into four separate piles. For example, 1. Donate, 2. Keep, 3. Throw Away as well as a 4. Sale

garage organized and decluttered

3. Install some Shelves or Cabinets

It is important to realize that it is essential that you have either shelves or cabinets installed.  To explain, the shelves or cabinets are needed for storage. 

In fact, WOW Organizing suggest using shelves, they are better for helping keep the garage organized

4. Create an Organizing System to use

For example, for items like gardening or home improvement tools, sporting goods, or even Christmas decorations.

Create a hanging system with hooks, shelves as well as bins.  For instance, use this system to properly place items that you most commonly use in.

In fact, you can even use this system for heavy items such as ladders, skis, as well as kayaks.

As a result, this will help keep these items organized as well as easy to access and most importantly find when you need them.

5. Ask for Help from Family, Friends,  and Coworkers

Decluttering and Organizing any garage is a big project. For this reason, it is a good idea to reach out to those who are close to you for a little help.


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kids playroom decluttered and reorganized

What To Expect From WOW Home Organizing Services?

When you are looking to hire someone to declutter your home. You want the best home decluttering services near you. 

Or when you do business with a company such as WOW Organizing, there are a few things you can expect: love, warmth, and understanding. As a professional organizer, it is not my place to judge your chaos and clutter.

Maybe you are an exhausted working parent that sleeps four to six hours a night just so you can snag an hour or two by yourself before your children wake up?

Or, perhaps you are a hard-working business professional that works so many hours that you just want to relax when you come home?

I do not know your situation, but what I do know is that I WANT to help you if you are ready to develop a system to have a more organized home.

Outside Home Storage Building

Education Through Home Organizing  Experience

Organizing is a skill. It is a skill that I have spent years nurturing. Developing an organizing system to deal with chaos and clutter can be overwhelming. Especially if it is something no one has ever helped you do before.

Furthermore, I understand that organizing your belongings is a very personal process. I will sit down with you. We will evaluate your space and your needs. Then, we will make a plan of action Together.

Have a lot of clutter? Not a problem! Feel like you have limited storage space? We can tackle it together.

WOW Organizing is committed to making your home a place that you love again. A place that is peaceful. And, as a bonus, an organized home is a MUCH easier home to clean.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Home Organizers Near me

Today we will talk about the benefits of organizing areas in your home such as; (Garage, Children’s Rooms, Home Office, Closets, as well as your Parents House). Also, you will learn how properly organizing your home makes it safer for Everyone!

More importantly, let’s not leave out that it makes selling your home as well as moving easier.

attic closet decluttered and organized

Professional Organizers Can Make Everyone’s Home Safer

Everyone can agree that as a person goes through life, they accumulate things. If those things are not handled as well as stored properly, these physical memories can accumulate and become clutter in no time at all.

Items like clothing, books, magazines, and other artifacts from life can rapidly bloom out of control. As a result of this, before you know it, you are missing out on the use of an entire room in your home due to clutter!

By hiring WOW professional organizing coordinators to handle this type of chaos in your life, you can ensure that every room in your house will not only be organized…it will also be safer for both your guests and family.

closet decluttered and reorganized

What Organizing A Bedroom Requires

It is important to realize that trying to organize a bedroom that has turned into a cluttered storage space goes well beyond just tidying up as well as simply throwing everything away.  In fact, the same goes for kids room organization as well

Additionally, some of the clutter can be too heavy for you, your parents or even your children to lift.  

To emphasize, you do not want a loved one risking injury trying to clean the bedroom.  Not to mention, there are many ways to organize your room.  By all means, the key is to declutter and organize your room properly.

kids bedroom declutterd and organized

Benefits Of An Organized Bedroom

After all, having a well-organized bedroom leaves you with a relaxing and comfortable feeling. That’s not all though, knowing how to organize properly is also perplexing!

In fact, many people ask themselves the same questions “Where do I begin and how do I stop the cluttering from forming again?”

To emphasize, do not stress, this is where the help of WOW professional home organizers comes in.  We will not only calm the clutter in your life. Our organizers will also teach you how to keep it from coming back again!

So if you have a cluttered bedroom that is overwhelming you.  Or if you have another room in the house that you cannot stand to look at anymore due to the chaos.  Don’t wait, reach out to the best house decluttering service near you Right Away!

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bedroom decluttered and organized
home office organization

Benefits Of A Decluttered & Organized Home Office

To emphasize, anyone who has a Home Office understands one thing. It seems almost impossible to keep your home office decluttered and organized.

In fact, for many of us our home office is somewhere we spend a lot of time.  By having to sit and look at the clutter on a daily basis is almost certain to raise your stress level as well as…

home office decluttered and reorganized

How To Organize Your Home Office

1. Get Rid Of Paper Clutter

It is important to realize that controlling the paper clutter in your home office is one of the 1st steps to a decluttered as well as organized office.  Use the system Of Three:

  • Shred or Toss it
  • File It
  • As well as take action from it.
Office paper de-cluttering

2. Create An Area For Mail

In fact, creating a mail station will allow you to control the paper clutter in your home office.  For example, the 5 create five different folders are:

  1. Incoming mail
  2. Outgoing mail
  3. Folder for Bills
  4. As well as Mail To File
  5. More Importantly, a folder for each family member.
home office organized mail area

3. Store Office Supplies In Containers and Bens


junk drawer reorganized

4. Find An Area For a Printing Station

Furthermore, designate an area of your home office for both the printer as well as printing supplies.

5. Invest In A Label Maker

Additionally, label all your files, drawers as well as boxes.  In fact, this will help keep your office organized not to mention easier to find everything.

home office declutter and reorganized

6. Categorize Your Home Office

More Importantly, organize your entire office into categories then placing like items together.  Furthermore, by doing this your home office will become more functional.


professional organized closet

Find A Professional Home Organizer Company

There are many benefits to hiring a Professional Home Organizing Services near you.  This action will help declutter your home.  More importantly, it can help get rid of that overwhelmed feeling.

  Here at WOW Organizing Services LLC, we take pride in providing help for homeowners, moms, dads, grandparents as well as single parents.

Our goal is to take that overwhelming feeling off of your shoulders so that you spend more time enjoying the things you love.

We organize the clutter in homes so that it can Simply Your Life.  As well as the Life of Everyone You Love!

Whether you are in need of some room organization services, garage rearrangement. Even a home office organization job completed. Here at WOW our organizer coordinators have you covered!

So if you live in the Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Blacksburg, VA area. Or even in Greensboro, NC! If you are in need of closet solutions, room or garage organization…don’t hesitate to Give Us A Call Today! 540-420-8225.

Now, let’s get started learning about how Hiring a Professional Declutter and Home Organizing company can be extremely beneficial to both you and your family

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Organized & Happy Home

de-clutter your mind


To emphasize, with over 20 years of experience as a professional organizer in Roanoke, VA, Wow Organizing Service, LLC is the organizer to help with you or your parent’s home.

In fact, No matter how disorganized you or your parents’ home is, we can help. If you or your parents are not in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, or Tennessee area, do not worry, WOW has Virtual Organizing Services available as well!

Above all, with discrete and private in-home assistance, you, your parents, and your kids can live comfortably in your home once again.

With this in mind, if you are thinking to yourself “I need the best home organizing business near me”.  Then Call us Today and taking advantage of your FREE Estimate or Consultation 540-420-8225.


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